400 words

I just heard the new Animal Collective song Floridada. If you’re reading this before having the chance … i mean I guess this post will make you seek that song out … but you shouldn’t. You should just take a pass.

The song is awful. If the hates didn’t like the tracks on Centipede Hz I can’t really fathom what kind of hate spew is going to come from this aural atrocity.

This song needs to be buried deep deep in the earth’s crust where no living thing will ever have to come across it again.

I think the band should just agree to separate. Fuck the money. I can’t imagine they are making songs together because they are genuinely interested in it. Everyone’s styles are so different, and everyone appears to be afraid to step on other people’s toes to tell them that their music fucking sucks. I mostly blame Avey because this song is a god damn Avey jungle trip jam sprinkled with unnecessary and useless Panda harmonies. I can just see Geo sitting there bobbing his fucking head like this song is the shit.

They must be surrounded by yes men too afraid to be like … ‘we get it, you’re experimental, but this isn’t experimental. you’ve made this song to some degree at least 20 times in the last 4 years and this version of that same bullshit is the worst. throw this shit out and start over. go in a new direction.’

Long time fans would appreciate a new sound even if it didn’t have the same luster of MPP or their later era dancey tunes. But this is not new. This is a fucking cross pollination of Avey’s solo work and whatever the fuck Geo and Panda felt like throwing in.

In any case it’s bad and I’m sad. And I know this album is going to be garbage. And now i’m old and angry that I don’t like new music. fuck.


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