Huge If …

I find myself doing the old man fist shake at my monitor more and more these days.  Todays source of ire is the zillionth interation of the use of “huge if true” phrase.

I found that phrase funny at first.  Then gradually as it became a crutch for unfunny people to try and add humor it began to wear its welcome out.  At this point even when used appropriately it still rankles me.  Being upset about the way someone writes something is about the most pointless waste of energy I can think of … but for some reason my brain can’t turn  it’s reactionary response to this silly petty annoyance off.

The paradox of the internet is that I both feel like I need it, and yet the more I use it the more I actually hate it.  At one point in my life the internet was taboo or convoluted or something that made people view it as a hobby, and a very small portion of their lives.  Now that the internet is advanced society’s main form of learning, communicating, working, and managing everything that isn’t a physical necessity it’s become so inclusive that it no longer feels like the safe escape it started out as.

Anyway, back to my grumpy list… yes.  Here’s my list of things that make me grumpy on the internet:

  • people who use the “huge if true” phrase
  • having a “National<something>Day” for every fucking thing ever.
  • people using social media to update everyone on what they are thinking constantly. every day should not be a day where you list every fucking thing you thought about.  the people who know you should tell you how stupid it is.  yes, sometimes it is funny or interesting, but mostly no, it’s just vapid nonsense.
  • auto-playing anything … seriously fuck you

I’m sure there are plenty more I will add in the future.  In the meantime listen to this.


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