Boozic to my beears

That headline might be the worst thing I have ever posted.  Probably not, but it’s so bad I considered almost as quickly as I started to quit writing this post.  Holy shit.  It’s true.  I’ve become a terribly uncreative pile of dog shit.

(is ‘uncreative’ not a word?  wordpress is telling me that it’s not a word, but wordpress is also telilng me that ‘wordpress’ is not a word so maybe they are just fucking stupid .. regardless not having an available synonym to replace this possibly nonexistent word is a good example of how cognitively impaired i’ve become).

So anyway I had my first spark of something I thought might be interesting to write about in quite some time and decided to try and get some practice writing.

Yes, I’ve become patently boring and maybe that’s why i’m afraid to write. I can’t bring myself to fucking waste the world’s ether on my thoughts on bands that I just found out about but haven’t been around for 20+ years, or how replacing meat with meat substitute has really mixed up my dining rituals (oooweeee!!!).  The people that write about those things sicken me for their lack of self reflection. Good god those are stupid fucking topics to write about.

Still the older I get the less interesting I become and subsequently the less interesting things I have to write about.   My favorite hobbies these days include drinking, finding things to do instead of drinking, being cranky, and worrying about cancer.  Despite what I’d prefer these things don’t set forth the eternal spring of great blog fodder that you’d think.

But one thing remains that still gets the brain mice spinning that old rusty wheel is music. … and so a post idea is born.  Music and beer, through the ages …




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