Lets try this again

Yep.  Blogging again.  Gonna skip my usual post on why I decided to try this again.  

Meta: I just tried to write a clever line that rhymed seasons and reasons.  It fucking sucked. There’s your reason.  I can’t write any more and it bothers the shit out of me.  

At one point in my blogging life I got to a point where I thought I was being intellectual by being snarky.  This is a trick that forms the basis of all the most popular internet sites these days.  I’m not saying I invented it.  I definitely learned it and was an early adopter of the style.

I also credit some of the humorists I followed in my youth as making impression on my style.  

Anyway I want to write again in a way that I’m proud of and in a way that is different from the gawker media of the (internet) world.

Not every line has to be clever or catchy.  It could just be meaningful or eloquent.  I’m not looking to become a deep thinker’s writer.  I’m not smart enough for that.  And at my core I’m an angry soul.  So that is sure to continue to be prevalent.  But I’m giving writing another shot because I like it.

Also, I have no one to talk to and blogging provides a false security that someone cares about what I think.

2013 ended and even though I engaged a few people about their year in music listening experience I really was never asked in return. Which is a totally selfish way to feel, but I had spent a lot of time having some significant internal dialogue on the topic, and hoped that I would be able to use it externally at some point.  That made me miss blogging I guess.  I liked writing all those “best of” lists.  Even if only 2 or 3 friends ever checked it out, and fewer actually finished, and probably no one actually went back to check out any of my recommendations.  Still, the false importance of it all was missed.  Yes, I am that silly and shallow.

Not only did I miss the writing, I also felt challenged and life is all about finding challenges.  If you’re not challenging yourself you’re probably in a bad place.  I’m trying to think of an example either real or theoretical of a person who isn’t challenging themselves in some way.  The only examples that come to mind are of people who I feel bad for and don’t seem to enjoy life much.

So I’m back.  Hopefully I’ll find some challenges and write about them here.  Hopefully the writing will get better. 


Older. Wiser. Maybe just one of the two.



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