Sabres Sunday 2-10-13 Edition

I already did one post on the Sabres already this week, but Sabres Sunday seems like a good recurring post idea.  The sabres are scheduled to play every Sunday except 2 throughout the short NHL season.  As a sport fan all my life, and a purveyor of sports writing for approximately the same amount of time there’s nothing more satisfying than waking up on a lazy weekend morning and enjoying a great read on your favorite team or favorite sport.  Make no mistake .. .this will not be a great read.  This won’t probably touch on “good”.  This is more about the fact that I can now romanticize the notion that I too, am part of the construct of sports media, when in reality, if that is actually true, it’s probably closer to the cause of it’s demise, than the rise of it’s excellence.

Anywho, here are some thoughts on the Sabres..again.

–  Sabres did not look good last night vs. the Islanders.  The only thing that got them through that game is that the Islanders looked almost listless.  With the exception of Tavares (hey, about that Vanek trade, lets see if they’ll swap Van for Tavares straight up)  who looked downright dirty, and came inches from having a hatter.

I think it was a good chance to see what is wrong with the Sabres by watching the Islanders.  It seems like both teams share that lack of nastiness.  What the Buffalo media likes to throw back in Reiger’s face about the message that the Sabres are going to be “tough to play against” this season.

Both teams did not have much fight.  Sure, they were playing hockey.  But it wasn’t tough, nasty, dirty, and ultimately what leads to winning hockey.

-Myers sat, but it didn’t seem to do much in the way of sparking the Defense to any type of shutdown status.  They still struggled at times clearing the zone.  And for what it’s worth, as mentioned before, Myers seems to be great in the 1 on 1 battles and winning the puck.  I didn’t notice anyone last night doing anything overwhelmingly strong.

-Sulzer is the team’s secret offensive weapon.  He’s done nothing but add scoring support since he’ came here.  Maybe it’s teams underestimating him and leaving him with open lanes.  Or maybe it’s just luck.  Probably a little of both.  However, he’s got like … 3 goals and an assist on the seaons.  Despite a healthy scratch, and probably being on the low end of playing time among regular starters.  Hope the secret holds a little longer.

– Ehrhoff buries one high and hard and RJ misses the “top shelf” call … guess the players aren’t the only ones still getting their feet under them.

– Sabres v Bruins round 2:  Bruins on 4 days rest.  Sabres on 0.  Sabres barely getting by last night against a sad looking Isles team.  I’m going Bruins 5, Sabres 1.  Sabres keep it close for about 2 and a half periods.  Then they run out of gas and the Bruins gain steam.

– The week could get nasty.  Ottawa on Tuesay, the the Bruins again on Friday (at home again), Pens next Sunday … rough stretch here.  I think if they drop all 4 … the season is probably unsalvageable .  Which is kind of stupid thing to say.  What if they go 1-3, does that make it totally salvageable?

-Go Sabres.



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