So the bootlog is going over like bacon at a bar mitzvah .  I got some recordings.  They are … they need work.  It’s not that the content is altogether terrible.  The idea of recording random conversations, while theoretically intriguing, is in actuality a bit sloppy.

Most of the stuff I’ve picked up needs work.  It needs to be cut and edited and mixed, and I don’t have the equipment or skill set necessary to do this in an efficient and timely manner.  It would take me a month to put together clips from new year’s eve … and no one gives a shit about what happened on new years eve in february.

So the bootlog has basically just become the new sonic anarchy blog.  Because someone smarter than me once said, there’s no point in going backwards, I will continue to abuse your intelligence with mindless ramblings on this page.

First up … Sabres vs Maple Laffs Jan 29, 2013 … continue on if you are interested in a few thoughts from the game

– I think the thing I found most interesting is that Lindy benched guys and switched up lines and I thought it had a real positive impact on the team overall.  Sure they lost…again.  But I felt like I didn’t see any complacency by the players on the ice.

Foligno, demoted to the 3rd line, skated better, and made more offensive zone plays than I’ve seen all year.

Jeez Weber looked fucking good out there huh?  I mean, he is want to be a liability in the O zone.  And can sometimes be over aggressive to the point where it’s costly in his own end.  But if you don’t see Mike Weber for a while it’s a great pick up when he’s back.  That guy battles.

I think overall the competition for a spot on the D is actually a good thing.  Guys can’t afford to play tentative or sloppy.  Ruff has set the precedence.  If you’re not making a positive impact you’re not going on the ice.

It’s almost like he’s coaching for his job.

– It was a tough loss to take.  Sadly it was a reminder of frustrations of past seasons.  It really took until the 2nd period before the guys looked like they got their motors up and running.  They need to come out revved up, and stay revved up.  I guess there’s no magic pill that keep guys focused like *cough* adderol *cough* that.

As a fan with no insight into the behind the scenes make up in the locker room one can only hope that the leaders are stepping up and saying something.  Personally, I’m just going to continue my daydream that Otter is back there juicing on guys, and stepping into the vocal leadership role it seems like (i stress seems like cause again I don’t really have any idea) has been missing.

– I’m not in “we’re doomed” mode yet.  I think there are a lot of positives.  Fucking Sekera! My hope is that the shortened season plays out as if it were a typical season, just with less total games.

A typical seasons starts out well, then the team shits the bed for a few months, then they start to play lights out hockey and are in the race for the playoffs come april.  So far we’ve hit the first mark, and seem to be settling in nicely to the second.  My prediction is that some time around mid to late february they’ll bottom out and start the climb back.

Wouldn’t that be funny if that’s how it worked out?

– Big test thursday vs Boston.  The bruins look like the bruins.  The sabres looked like they’re still trying to figure things out.  This one has the makings of a blood bath.

-Get better #36.

Favorite Plays (3 stars):

1st star: Getting Griggy with it: Grigorenko scores his first career goal and then tries to do a sweet celebration only to be man humped mid-fist thrust by Foligno.  So. much. fun.

2nd: Sexkera: Who is this guy?  Where did he come from?  If I had a nickel for every bad thing I’ve said about Andrej Sekera I could probably buy a couple of street dogs from a shady non-ethnically descript food vendor.  But this year he looks like the guy you read about more than the guy you are used to watching.  In my opinion he’s skating better than anyone else on D.  I haven’t noticed a lot of turnovers, and he simply looks like he’s in another gear.  Not sure if it’s the competition as mentioned above or if it was spending a couple of extra months eating mom’s famous croatian gruel but he looks outstanding.

His goal was sick.  Smart play, great backhand flip … beauty beauty beauty … must be all those hot stove nights with Van are starting to pay off.

3rd: The Pommer goal … mainly for the lol’s.  Sabres are down 1 and on the PP. Pommers takes a pass in the slot w/2 Laffs closing in.  Over wide right is Ennis smashing his stick calling for a wide open shot.  What does Captain Pom do?  Looks, laughs, fires, delivers.  I feel like I can write an entire sitcom episode  over the half second between pommers looking at ennis, declining the chance to pass, and burying the puck.  Loved it.  Sniper fire.


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