Twenty Twelve

I just noticed how weird it looks to type two words that beging with “tw” next to each other.  TW’s Twenty Twelve Twerific Tweets could be some sort of twitter “thing”.

Anyway down to business.  Next up in my review of my favorite albums this past year is Father John Misty’s Fear Fun …


If you don’t know who Father John Misty is you can look that up on another site.  This post is more about the music.  Does it matter who it’s made by?

The story behind this album is that it was made whilst held up in a shack in Laurel Canyon on the edge of Hollywood.  As it were, I actually spent a week visiting a friend who recently relocated to Laurel Canyon. My exposure to the album actually sort of overlapped the visit.  I actually did not know the story behind the album but felt a weird c0nnection to many of the tracks on the album.  It’s not all too weird if you look into the subjects of a lot of the songs as they reference the area and the type of experience the residents might undertake on any given day in Hollywood.

My first experience with the album was Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.  This song is probably the  group’s most popular because of it’s familiar indie rock feel.  Lots of catchy reverb guitar.  Although it sticks out as an oddity on the album as most of the tracks evoke a more folk band feel.

The real brilliance of the album is the mixing of awkward lyrical subjects with the hokey folky/bluesy jams.  In some way making the naturistic feel of a folk band and giving it a more urban and updated feel.  Like the way someone who is sitting on the side of a hill overlooking one of the most opulent areas of the world might feel, especially when the use of mind altering agents are in play.

The cherry on top is the live show that the band puts on.  When a chance to experience for yourselves comes along I strongly urge you to take it, you will not be disappointed.


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