Tots Favsies 2012 Pt. Deux

Hey!  Thanks for checking this out.

I’ve compiled a list of the albums that I  enjoyed this year.  As mentioned earlier these are not ranked, but albums that I particularly enjoyed and some of each of these album’s finer points.

Hopefully you’re find something that hadn’t crossed your path, or read something that makes you reconsider something that you glossed by.  Maybe you’ll find an interesting fact that you’d enjoy sparking up a bootlog recording over.  Whatever the case I hope you get something positive from this.

Feel free to comment to your heart’s content!

Second to no one, except I guess me, in choices of which albums to write about …

Swans – The Seer


If you’re not into post rock and dark imagery.  If you can’t find the value in drone music.  If you’re not into the concepts of consciousness and inner vision.  You would fucking hate this album.

If you like a good doom metal explosions.  If you like getting lost in drones only to  suddenly be awakened by orchestral flourishes of timpani and sludge rock you’re probably going to shit your pants when you listen to this album.

Yes, it runs at almost 2hours.  No, it’s not hard to get through if you have appreciation for post rock.  Actually, it’s one of, if not my favorite post rock album I’ve ever listened to.

It features assistance from Akron/Family, Karen O., and members of Low.  So if you like any of their work and want to see what they can do in a darker context you should check this out.

The seer’s themes swirl and tangle, and I certainly won’t pretend that I have some expert level of understanding of what it all means.  But it’s not hard to figure some of it out, and an album this immense left me wanting to continue exploring.  Maybe one of my favorite things about this album is since it’s so deep that I am still playing with the ideas that persist months after, and I would guess probably will be for years to come.

It’s a thrilling beautiful journey, but clearly not for everyone… I say take a chance and expect nothing, except maybe to be surprised.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find …

Favorite “short” track:

Favorite long as fuck track:


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