I like music

I like music.  I like to listen to music.  I like to talk about music.  I like to eat music for a midafternoon snack.  I even like like to wipe down  soggy giraffes with music.

Those subjected to conversations about music with me can attest the best way to hear my opinion on these things is to avoid an actual person to person conversation.  That is unless you want to be told you’re wrong and have all your opinions deconstructed until you feel like digging yourself a pit, filling it with razor blades and acid, and taking a quick dip.

I am fully aware of how obnoxious and obtuse I can be about music.   The misguided delusion that publishing my views  is a worthwhile endeavor is an act of  self preservation.  Debating with myself is a sadomasochistic ritual which I prefer to avoid as much as possible … rife with argumentative hyperbole and narrow minded pessimism.

But this new project aims to change things up a bit.  Avoid the negative and embracing the positive aspects of my hobby. In a world where internet anonymity almost begs of it’s legions to embrace the extremes of their opinions it felt like forging once again down that path fruitless, if not depressing, and certainly at this point not new.

So what am i saying?  Expect blase rhetoric, praise heaped, uninspired prose?  For fuck’s sake I hope not.  That sounds terrible.  And that too can be found in abundance and has no place here.

I think simply I want to say something without pressing to say more than what’s necessary.  I think things I like I will say nice things about, and the things I don’t care for so much.  Well, I’ll probably pass that along as well, perhaps in a less confrontational tone than in the past.  Except about that Band Of Horses album Mirage Rock.  That shit fest deserves every damn ounce of vitriol it gets.

See … mostly the same.  There’s a experimentation / learning curve to be expected …stick with me though.

And so I still plan on writing posts like “My favorite albums of 2012” list.  But adding a new twist this year where albums are not rank by some subjective and ultimately pointless system, but if you read through you’ll see the descriptions still include phrases like “this is probably the best” or “i would rank this in my top 3” or “i once rode a tricycle through a carwash”.  Hoping to remove all inferences that my opinions are some type of authority.  My favorites don’t have anything to do with you.  But if you care to read what I thought, well I’m here to share, and I hope you respect and enjoy what you read.

Additionally this year I plan to include a few bands and albums that were not actually released in 2012, but still helped define the year in music for me and so you’ll find pieces for these items as well.  Do not disparage, it is not 2002  all over again, regardless of how much I wish it so.

Music is always a journey and this year that journey took a hard left at late 90’s early 00’s indie rock.  I think the biggest change for me was a simplification of my preferences.  There was a lot less experimenting with finding new sounds, and a more conscious effort to find new music that sounded like the tried and true stuff of the past.

It a somewhat sad admission of defeat, and at the same time it was a refreshing removal of pressure I put on myself to stay up with the types of music that are sublimating from fringe to mainstream.  Honestly, it seems to be a  younger generation’s game, and I just don’t have the same time and tolerance for the process.

The rise of genres from dubstep and other EDM castoffs,  the 80’s influenced “gazes”, and the whole rise of hip-hop and R&B and it’s acceptance in ‘rock’ circles left me a bit disillusioned, and more importantly bored with the whole music ‘discovery’ aspect of this hobby.

It was actually invigorating to take a step back and focus on finding my core inclinations and putting those things at the forefront of my exposure.  Music discovery actually became more enjoyable.

In the end it led to what  I would guess is the shortest list of candidates for my ‘favorite of’ compilation, but it also made putting it together a less complicated process.

Now onto the fun part … writing about the music


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