Ah yes, another year, another online adventure.

For the few of you that have followed my various musings over the years a new blog must have seemed imminent. There is nothing wholly unique about this site with regards to my previous sites.

The sonic anarchy blog, which I considered reviving, was my self evolutionary attempt at online journalism. Born out of an attempt to substantiate a hobby, and romanticize the notion of intelligent subjectivity. While I have no regrets I do still feel a maturation process taught me a lot of why I don’t, at least presently, want to return to that.

On a less self critical front I also by nature enjoy the process of experimenting with different formats / frameworks / tools / etc, and so worldpress at the moment offers a diverse set of capabilities.  Some of these capabilities were realized on the LalaLand blog, while others have yet to be leveraged. And though the Lalaland project is on indefinite hiatus I wanted to continue from a presentation aspect the some of the things I really liked about LF3L. Inversely there were a lot of things I found out I wasn’t so fond of, and wiping the slate clean feels like a good way to go. Starting fresh.

So that brings us here. To the bootlog. The seedlings for the bootlog started during the summer. It was my attempt to take the LF3L podcast out of the studio and into the streets. To connect with more people in a more improvised environment. To really generate that sense of sonic anarchy … well maybe conversational anarchy … or perhaps small talk pseudo-chaos.

The purpose then now is to continue that experiment.

The tools are a recording device and an open mind. The goals to interact and explore.

I’ve selected he term ‘bootlog’ because it elicits a few of the principles I want this project to encompass.

A bootleg is the phrase used for DIY recordings. Bootlegs were music fans’ foray into capturing a special event. A random moment in time they could hold on to. They typically sounded raw and grainy. The unfiltered, unrefined, purest form of recording. And while an Iphone 4S and a Win7 PC are hardly archaic methods of collection, they are also my unapologetic simplistic approach to the process.

Think of it as punk podcasting .. punkcasting.

Logging is just the term that fits with the chronological nature of a blog in general. The essence of recording history. As mundane as our conversation about the best burger in town may be.

In any event you’ll want to keep checking back here to find out where this progresses. And even if you don’t it’s almost certain you will end up being involved either through active participation or otherwise.

Enticed? Interested in being involved? Get at me ..


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