400 words

I just heard the new Animal Collective song Floridada. If you’re reading this before having the chance … i mean I guess this post will make you seek that song out … but you shouldn’t. You should just take a pass.

The song is awful. If the hates didn’t like the tracks on Centipede Hz I can’t really fathom what kind of hate spew is going to come from this aural atrocity.

This song needs to be buried deep deep in the earth’s crust where no living thing will ever have to come across it again.

I think the band should just agree to separate. Fuck the money. I can’t imagine they are making songs together because they are genuinely interested in it. Everyone’s styles are so different, and everyone appears to be afraid to step on other people’s toes to tell them that their music fucking sucks. I mostly blame Avey because this song is a god damn Avey jungle trip jam sprinkled with unnecessary and useless Panda harmonies. I can just see Geo sitting there bobbing his fucking head like this song is the shit.

They must be surrounded by yes men too afraid to be like … ‘we get it, you’re experimental, but this isn’t experimental. you’ve made this song to some degree at least 20 times in the last 4 years and this version of that same bullshit is the worst. throw this shit out and start over. go in a new direction.’

Long time fans would appreciate a new sound even if it didn’t have the same luster of MPP or their later era dancey tunes. But this is not new. This is a fucking cross pollination of Avey’s solo work and whatever the fuck Geo and Panda felt like throwing in.

In any case it’s bad and I’m sad. And I know this album is going to be garbage. And now i’m old and angry that I don’t like new music. fuck.


Huge If …

I find myself doing the old man fist shake at my monitor more and more these days.  Todays source of ire is the zillionth interation of the use of “huge if true” phrase.

I found that phrase funny at first.  Then gradually as it became a crutch for unfunny people to try and add humor it began to wear its welcome out.  At this point even when used appropriately it still rankles me.  Being upset about the way someone writes something is about the most pointless waste of energy I can think of … but for some reason my brain can’t turn  it’s reactionary response to this silly petty annoyance off.

The paradox of the internet is that I both feel like I need it, and yet the more I use it the more I actually hate it.  At one point in my life the internet was taboo or convoluted or something that made people view it as a hobby, and a very small portion of their lives.  Now that the internet is advanced society’s main form of learning, communicating, working, and managing everything that isn’t a physical necessity it’s become so inclusive that it no longer feels like the safe escape it started out as.

Anyway, back to my grumpy list… yes.  Here’s my list of things that make me grumpy on the internet:

  • people who use the “huge if true” phrase
  • having a “National<something>Day” for every fucking thing ever.
  • people using social media to update everyone on what they are thinking constantly. every day should not be a day where you list every fucking thing you thought about.  the people who know you should tell you how stupid it is.  yes, sometimes it is funny or interesting, but mostly no, it’s just vapid nonsense.
  • auto-playing anything … seriously fuck you

I’m sure there are plenty more I will add in the future.  In the meantime listen to this.

Boozic to my beears

That headline might be the worst thing I have ever posted.  Probably not, but it’s so bad I considered almost as quickly as I started to quit writing this post.  Holy shit.  It’s true.  I’ve become a terribly uncreative pile of dog shit.

(is ‘uncreative’ not a word?  wordpress is telling me that it’s not a word, but wordpress is also telilng me that ‘wordpress’ is not a word so maybe they are just fucking stupid .. regardless not having an available synonym to replace this possibly nonexistent word is a good example of how cognitively impaired i’ve become).

So anyway I had my first spark of something I thought might be interesting to write about in quite some time and decided to try and get some practice writing.

Yes, I’ve become patently boring and maybe that’s why i’m afraid to write. I can’t bring myself to fucking waste the world’s ether on my thoughts on bands that I just found out about but haven’t been around for 20+ years, or how replacing meat with meat substitute has really mixed up my dining rituals (oooweeee!!!).  The people that write about those things sicken me for their lack of self reflection. Good god those are stupid fucking topics to write about.

Still the older I get the less interesting I become and subsequently the less interesting things I have to write about.   My favorite hobbies these days include drinking, finding things to do instead of drinking, being cranky, and worrying about cancer.  Despite what I’d prefer these things don’t set forth the eternal spring of great blog fodder that you’d think.

But one thing remains that still gets the brain mice spinning that old rusty wheel is music. … and so a post idea is born.  Music and beer, through the ages …



on Ice

One of my favorite albums released this year was Iceage’s stylistic makeover ‘Plowing Into the Field of Love’.  Admittedly part of the allure is due to pre-release expecations being completely shattered in a super rare sort of “different but for the better”.

I’m sure the changes caused a rift between fans who wanted more of the sloppy, fast energy from previous releases, and those like me who think the band took all the best parts of their old sound into a new even more meaning full direction.  Musicians are constantly looking for ways to evolve and it’s perhaps the hardest thing to do is to build upon what you’ve created but never stagnate.  Making it in the artistic world requires change, but it also requires demand.  The challenge is to keep yourself in demand while staying relevant.

Iceage successfully (at least in my opinion) transistions their sound into a slower, murky, almost emo sound.  Adding layers of horns and pianos and slowing their breakneck pace to a more pop oriented frenzy.

Now that’s it been over a month of letting the album settle in I figured I would try and hash out my take on it.  I think a lot of my initial reaction was based on the ‘wow’ factor.  The album’s first half still stands up so well over time that I still consider this as one of my favorites for the year, expecting a spot in the top 10 wouldn’t be a stretch.

The problem I’m finding now is that the album’s back half doesn’t continue the sound fusion of old and new and instead slumps along with tracks that sound more like the band’s experimenting with their new directi, unsure with how to progress.

Against the Moon and Forever are forelorn-y ballads that neither reach that moment where you feel in touch with the emotional angst they’re trying to harness nor whip up the urgency found on tracks from the first half like ‘Glassy Eyed, Dormant, and Veiled’.  In fact those two tracks sound like rough drafts of Glassy eyed and Stay.  Breaking up these two is Cimmerian Shade, a track whose purpose is to slowly draw you into a trance and then eventually wake you back up, attempts, but falls a bit flat.  The album ends with the title track, which musically stands up with the stellar front half.  Back-ending that group (maybe as a track 6) would probably put this as the best album of the year, possibly even one of the best in recent years.

The first half is so strong with crazy rockabilly (the lord’s favorite), punk piano (how many), and the previously mentioned emo opus Glassy Eyed that it’s hard for me to put a negative spin on it.  I think the disappointment isn’t with the album per say but the fact that I want more.  6 or 7 GREAT tracks out of 12 should be considered over achievement by most band’s standards, however in this case they’re so good it’s disappointing to know that they had room for 5 or 6 more tracks that could match the rest of the highlights.

Unfortunately the best I can do for now is wear this album out and hope the punk creedos of fast and dirty end up producing a follow up that can match the quality of Plowing Into …

Noah? Yes, uh.

Panda’s new EP out to tantalize us for the full length coming in January ..

Hurrrrr it here

Nostalgia Porn: The follow up

The writers at TinyMixTapes explore our incessant need to feel comforted by historical reference and repetition in ways that exceed my own abilities to be insightful and intelligent … http://www.tinymixtapes.com/features/the-trouble-with-contemporary-music-criticism

Show links from Jan 29

Welp … last night’s show started out pretty good but some technical difficulties led to a crash and burn sitch at the end ..  still I think the music was pretty decent.  If you missed it or don’t feel like listening to the parts where my nasally confused vocal tone imbues the overall landscape you can just skip to the tunes below…

To listen to the the full nasal version go here first then catch the crash and burn portion of the show